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At91 Arm® Based Microcontrollers Embedded AT91SAM7S256-AU-001 Thumb® Based

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 PCS
At91 Arm® Based Microcontrollers Embedded AT91SAM7S256-AU-001 Thumb® Based
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Manufacturer Part Number: AT91SAM7S256-AU-001
Brand Name: Original
Type: Integrated Circuit
D/C: Newst
Port: Shenzhen Or Hongkong
Lead Time: 1-3Working Days
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At91 Arm® Based Microcontrollers


Arm® Based Microcontrollers Embedded



Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Original Factory
Brand Name: ATMEL
Certification: ROHS COMPLIANT
Model Number: AT91SAM7S256-AU-001
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Packaging Details: Standard Packaging
Delivery Time: Within 3days
Payment Terms: T/T in advance, Western Union, Xtransfer
Supply Ability: 1000
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micro controller unit


microcontroller modules



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AT91 ARM® Thumb®-based Microcontrollers





Atmel’s AT91SAM7S is a series of low pincount Flash microcontrollers based on the 32-bit ARM RISC processor. It features a high-speed Flash and an SRAM, a large set of peripherals, including a USB 2.0 device (except for the AT91SAM7S32), and a complete set of system functions minimizing the number of external components. The device is an ideal migration path for 8-bit microcontroller users looking for additional performance and extended memory.

The embedded Flash memory can be programmed in-system via the JTAG-ICE interface or via a parallel interface on a production programmer prior to mounting. Built-in lock bits and a security bit protect the firmware from accidental overwrite and preserves its confidentiality.

The AT91SAM7S Series system controller includes a reset controller capable of managing the

power-on sequence of the microcontroller and the complete system. Correct device operation

can be monitored by a built-in brownout detector and a watchdog running off an integrated RC


The AT91SAM7S Series are general-purpose microcontrollers. Their integrated USB Device

port makes them ideal devices for peripheral applications requiring connectivity to a PC or cellular phone. Their aggressive price point and high level of integration pushes their scope of use far into the cost-sensitive, high-volume consumer market.





• Incorporates the ARM7TDMI® ARM® Thumb® Processor

– High-performance 32-bit RISC Architecture

– High-density 16-bit Instruction Set

– Leader in MIPS/Watt

– Embedded*ICE™ In-circuit Emulation, Debug Communication Channel Support

• Internal High-speed Flash

– 256 kbytes, organized in 1024 Pages of 256 Bytes (AT91SAM7S256)

– 128 kbytes, organized in 512 Pages of 256 Bytes (AT91SAM7S128)

– 64 kbytes, organized in 512 Pages of 128 Bytes (AT91SAM7S64)

– 32 kbytes, organized in 256 Pages of 128 Bytes (AT91SAM7S321/32)

– Single Cycle Access at Up to 30 MHz in Worst Case Conditions

– Prefetch Buffer Optimizing Thumb Instruction Execution at Maximum Speed

– Page Programming Time: 6 ms, Including Page Auto-erase, Full Erase Time: 15 ms

– 10,000 Write Cycles, 10-year Data Retention Capability, Sector Lock Capabilities,

Flash Security Bit

– Fast Flash Programming Interface for High Volume Production

• Internal High-speed SRAM, Single-cycle Access at Maximum Speed

– 64 kbytes (AT91SAM7S256)

– 32 kbytes (AT91SAM7S128)

– 16 kbytes (AT91SAM7S64)

– 8 kbytes (AT91SAM7S321/32)

• Memory Controller (MC)

– Embedded Flash Controller, Abort Status and Misalignment Detection

• Reset Controller (RSTC)

– Based on Power-on Reset and Low-power Factory-calibrated Brown-out Detector

– Provides External Reset Signal Shaping and Reset Source Status

• Clock Generator (CKGR)

– Low-power RC Oscillator, 3 to 20 MHz On-chip Oscillator and one PLL

• Power Management Controller (PMC)

– Software Power Optimization Capabilities, Including Slow Clock Mode (Down to

500 Hz) and Idle Mode

– Three Programmable External Clock Signals

• Advanced Interrupt Controller (AIC)

– Individually Maskable, Eight-level Priority, Vectored Interrupt Sources

– Two (AT91SAM7S256/128/64/321) or One (AT91SAM7S32) External Interrupt

Sources and One Fast Interrupt Source, Spurious Interrupt Protected

• Debug Unit (DBGU)

– 2-wire UART and Support for Debug Communication Channel interrupt,

Programmable ICE Access Prevention

• Periodic Interval Timer (PIT)

– 20-bit Programmable Counter plus 12-bit Interval Counter

• Windowed Watchdog (WDT)

– 12-bit key-protected Programmable Counter

– Provides Reset or Interrupt Signals to the System

– Counter May Be Stopped While the Processor is in Debug State or in Idle Mode

• Real-time Timer (RTT)

– 32-bit Free-running Counter with Alarm

– Runs Off the Internal RC Oscillator

• One Parallel Input/Output Controller (PIOA)

– Thirty-two (AT91SAM7S256/128/64/321) or twenty-one (AT91SAM7S32) Programmable I/O Lines Multiplexed with up to Two Peripheral I/Os

– Input Change Interrupt Capability on Each I/O Line

– Individually Programmable Open-drain, Pull-up resistor and Synchronous Output

• Eleven (AT91SAM7S256/128/64/321) or Nine (AT91SAM7S32) Peripheral DMA Controller (PDC) Channels

• One USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbits per Second) Device Port (Except for the AT91SAM7S32).

– On-chip Transceiver, 328-byte Configurable Integrated FIFOs

• One Synchronous Serial Controller (SSC)

– Independent Clock and Frame Sync Signals for Each Receiver and Transmitter

– I²S Analog Interface Support, Time Division Multiplex Support

– High-speed Continuous Data Stream Capabilities with 32-bit Data Transfer

• Two (AT91SAM7S256/128/64/321) or One (AT91SAM7S32) Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver Transmitters (USART)

– Individual Baud Rate Generator, IrDA® Infrared Modulation/Demodulation

– Support for ISO7816 T0/T1 Smart Card, Hardware Handshaking, RS485 Support

– Manchester Encoder/Decoder (AT91SAM7S256/128)

– Full Modem Line Support on USART1 (AT91SAM7S256/128/64/321)

• One Master/Slave Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

– 8- to 16-bit Programmable Data Length, Four External Peripheral Chip Selects

• One Three (AT91SAM7S256/128/64/321)-channel or Two (AT91SAM7S32)-channel 16-bit Timer/Counter (TC)

– Three (AT91SAM7S256/128/64/321) or One (AT91SAM7S32) External Clock Inputs, Two Multi-purpose I/O Pins per


– Double PWM Generation, Capture/Waveform Mode, Up/Down Capability

• One Four-channel 16-bit PWM Controller (PWMC)

• One Two-wire Interface (TWI)

– Master Mode Support Only, All Two-wire Atmel EEPROMs Supported

• One 8-channel 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter, Four Channels Multiplexed with Digital I/Os

• SAM-BA™ Boot Assistant

– Default Boot program

– Interface with SAM-BA Graphic User Interface

• IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Boundary Scan on All Digital Pins

• 5V-tolerant I/Os, including Four High-current Drive I/O lines, Up to 16 mA Each

• Power Supplies

– Embedded 1.8V Regulator, Drawing up to 100 mA for the Core and External Components

– 3.3V or 1.8V VDDIO I/O Lines Power Supply, Independent 3.3V VDDFLASH Flash Power Supply

– 1.8V VDDCORE Core Power Supply with Brown-out Detector

• Fully Static Operation: Up to 55 MHz at 1.65V and 85°C Worst Case Conditions

• Available in a 64-lead LQFP Green Package (AT91SAM7S256/128/64/321) and 48-lead LQFP Green Package (AT91SAM7S32)





Datasheets AT91SAM7S256, AT91SAM128 Errata Update
AT91SAM7Szzz Summary
Product Photos 64-LQFP (10x10)
Product Change Notification AT91SAM7S256, 128 Obsolescence 03/Oct/2012
Standard Package 160
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Embedded - Microcontrollers
Series SAM7S
Packaging Tray
Core Processor ARM7
Core Size 16/32-Bit
Speed 55MHz
Connectivity I²C, SPI, SSC, UART/USART, USB
Peripherals Brown-out Detect/Reset, DMA, POR, PWM, WDT
Number of I /O 32
Program Memory Size 256KB (256K x 8)
Program Memory Type FLASH
RAM Size 64K x 8
Voltage - Supply (Vcc/Vdd) 1.65 V ~ 1.95 V
Data Converters A/D 8x10b
Oscillator Type Internal
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Package / Case 64-LQFP
Catalog Page 581 (CN081 PDF)
For Use With 483-1023-ND - ISP PROGRAMMER ARM JTAG
Other Names AT91SAM7S256-AU-001
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